Friday, November 16, 2007

Christmas Cards

Wednesday night, Chad realized that we had to have our Christmas cards done by Thursday night, if we wanted Send Out Cards to be able to get them out on time.
Thursday Chad rushed home from work around 2:30. We drove to the beach, took our pictures, and made it back by 4:15 so that I could teach a spin class.
It was a quick photo shoot, but I think we got what we wanted (a great time!!).
By the way it was 91 degrees!!! Right now is one of the very few times that I am not jealous of the weather in Utah.


Jenni said...

Ok, so your kids are so freakin cute! What a fun family you have.....

Lisa said...

This is Lisa Sechrest Peck, I am so excited I found this link on Jenni's blog! We hung out over the fall when Reese and LIberty were in ballet together. I am excited to finally have a way to keep up with you all. Check out our blog, it's, and Shawn does most of it. LOL. I am so excited! Where are you guys living? You teach spinning? Spinning terrifies me.
How was Christmas? Your kids are darling, and I am so jealous of the beach in your photo! Can't wait ot hear from you...

Lisa said...

Apparently, I need to proofread a little more's all the pregnancies taking their toll.

Steve and Ismari said...


Hey lady! I didn't know you had a blog! I just saw your name on Stacia's blog!!

I loved your Christmas picture on the beach. That reminds me of when you guys first moved to Texas, remember!!

Hope you can come visit us sometime waaaaay up here in downtown Houston!!!

Maybe I can take you to go running at Memorial Park!

Love - your long lost friend


tara said...

Such a cute picture! We tried a couple of times to come by with a plate of goodies, but never could find you home (o: Hope ya'll had a nice christmas!

Lisa said...

That is funny about the birthdays! I always think of you on yours. I talked to Colby the other day, and I was totally missing everyone. I am so happy you finally saw my message. I was beginning to think you never would.
I know how hard it is with keeping the blog up. I am really bad about it. Email me sometime.
I still have your junior high year book. Shawn always says I should mail it back to you, so if you're interested...
Talk to you soon, I hope!

Lehi High School 10 year Reunion Class of 1998 said...


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Daniel & Shandi said...

Hey let me know if you want to be added to view my blog.

Daniel & Shandi said... need to add more to your blog. I can't believe it's been a year. haha. I want to see how big your kids are getting and the new baby Kate. I miss us talking all the time and being able to hang out. I miss you Er. Love you! I hope to hear from you.