Sunday, August 23, 2009

I'm moving our blog to Since most of the time I couldn't remember what our blog was, I decided maybe I would post more if I made the address easier. So check it out I'm posting pics of the kids and me and Chad's cruise.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


So I'm finally doing it... Writing a post after how long? The Christmas card picture you see in my last blog is now missing a child, and the crazy thing is I wasn't even pregnant yet. That's how long it's been!!!!
As most all of you should or hopefully know we had our adorable Kate Mckenna last November. I'll post some pics. She is the perfect ending to our little family. Kate's a little calmer like Mikey, but she also has that fire in her like Brooke and Andrew. We are still loving it here in Houston. They keep the restaurants and movie theaters so cold here that the humidity has actually become a comforting warmth. Like wrapping yourself in a big warm blanket and walking outside in 100 degree weather :)
Anyway more to come. I'll post some pics of Kate since she is THE Most Exciting Thing that has happened since I last posted!!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Christmas Cards

Wednesday night, Chad realized that we had to have our Christmas cards done by Thursday night, if we wanted Send Out Cards to be able to get them out on time.
Thursday Chad rushed home from work around 2:30. We drove to the beach, took our pictures, and made it back by 4:15 so that I could teach a spin class.
It was a quick photo shoot, but I think we got what we wanted (a great time!!).
By the way it was 91 degrees!!! Right now is one of the very few times that I am not jealous of the weather in Utah.

Who Ya Gonna Call?? The Plant Doctors!!!

Our family planted a garden in our backyard with one of the Young Women in our ward for one of her value projects. This weekend our kids decided to be "Plant Doctors" They took some of Chad's old white shirts and some other "medical instruments" that they found around the house, and worked for hours making sure all of the plants were in tip top shape!!!

Little Chad???

Ever wonder what it is exactly about Andrew that reminds you of Chad? Just check out the eyebrow!!!

Mikey's Team Party

Mikey has been playing t-ball this year.

I have got to say He is an awesome player!! It has been so fun to watch. We got to go to his team party this week at Chucky Cheese, where he received a trophy. Tomorrow is the last game of the season, so I'll be sure to take some pics and post them so ya'll can see some of his skills!!!

Brookie and The Tooth Fairy

Brookie lost a tooth Friday Night. But to Brooke's great dismay The Tooth Fairy missed our house 2 nights in a row!! Brookie was a little disappointed until she realized two things: 1) She was pretty sure that the Tooth Fairy must have been on a date with her husband, and 2) Brookie had heard from her good friend Olivia that if the Tooth Fairy misses coming to your house, you get one extra dollar for every night that The Tooth Fairy is late. Suprisingly the Tooth Fairy was very quickly forgiven, maybe even congratulated for being late!!I think that tooth may have cost the Tooth Fairy a pretty penny, and hopefully she learned her lesson on being late to visit the Neth Residence!!!