Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Andrew THE Adventure

Andrew before the cast

Andrew with the cast

This little boy is a handful to say the least.
About a month ago on a Monday night Andrew was standing on a chair in the kitchen eating some crackers. Mikey being the good big brother that he is, slid the chair in to help him get closer to the table.
As Mikey pushed the chair in,
Andrew flew off the chair onto the ground.
We didn't realize his arm was broken right away because he seemed so normal. I watched him closely but he kept using his arm, like it was fine.
Between the time that he broke his arm and we took him to the doctor
He climbed out of his crib for the FIRST time.
He Let Mikey pull him around the kitchen floor by his arms.
He begged Chad to grab him by the hands and swing him into the air.
Yes, he seemed a little more cranky than usual, but sometimes he can be a little cranky.
Just one more peace of evedince that he is his father's child:).
Wednesday he was walking around wearing one of Brooke's shoes, and tripped in our bathroom. As soon as I heard him scream, I knew his arm had to be broken. After waiting in Urgent Care for 2 hours, we found out that the x-ray tech had called in sick so there was nothing they could do for us. We got up early the next morning and went over to Urgent Care again. 9 X-rays later we found out that the X-ray equipment had something wrong with it and none of the
X-rays worked. I then went to the emergency room and waited and waited only to find out that they wouldn't be able to cast his arm anyway. We left the E.R. and didn't know where to go.
And then.... I saw a sign "Clear Lake Orthopedics"
I went inside and told the receptionsit, "I realize you may not be able to help me, but can you please refer me to someone who can look at my baby's arm?" The people in that office were awesome and 1 hour later we walked out of the office with a cast on his arm.
I thought he would be upset about the cast, but he actually seemed relieved to have it on.
The cast is now off and he is as good as new!! He was more traumatized about having the cast taken off, than he was about having it put on.
I feel like so many of the people we love haven't gotten to know Andrew, since we live so far away. Hopefully ya'll (I love that I can say that now:)) can get to know him,
and catch up with the rest of us too, through this blog!!!


Jenni said...

I am so excited you have a blog!! You can link mine to yours, I think with this comment. Just go to 'page elements' and 'add link' and we can link up!!! This will be an awesome way to keep up with each other.....plus it's addicting...

Katie said...

Congratulations Erin!!!